The Chemosvit Foundation Has Been Helping for Almost 20 Years

Jun 27, 2022 | News

In 2003, our subsidiaries founded the Chemosvit Foundation (Nadácia Chemosvit). So far, it has distributed funds in the amount of € 485,648, which have helped not only employees, but also various facilities and organizations in the Tatras region. It has approved more than 1,200 applications during its existence so far. But the Foundation’s work is not about numbers. It is about people.

Subsidiaries, employees and the public help together

The founders, companies of the Chemosvit and Finchem group, have continuously supported the Foundation for 19 years and are also its largest donors. Other important contributors are our employees, who, for example, willingly contribute their average hourly wage to the Christmas fundraiser.

The Foundation’s main funding source is 2 percent of taxes of individual companies, employees and individuals and legal entities that choose to support it. The funds are also raised from entry fees at sports events such as the Dušan Budzak Memorial or the Energochem Cup, organized by Chemosvit Energochem.

These are the areas in which the Chemosvit Foundation is involved

In the social sector, the Foundation focuses on care facilities and contributes to the purchase of medical devices, hygiene products and special furniture. Funds are also used for interior improvements.

In the field of sports, it mainly supports children and young people. The education sector gets funding directed mainly towards setting up or equipping classrooms, creating or renovating sports grounds and playgrounds. It also includes support for talented pupils and students.

It also supports the healthcare sector with funds mainly for equipment and diagnostic devices purchase. As in the case of care facilities, the Foundation is also involved in financing improvements of interiors for patients.

Contributions to cultural activities are channelled to regional arts ensembles and interest organizations to encourage the development of children’s creativity and their meaningful leisure time. The Foundation also supports the restoration of cultural heritage.

The Foundation helps individuals in difficult life situations, such as illness, natural disasters and other emergencies. These include, for example, employees of the Chemosvit Group in social need or survivors of an accident with lifelong consequences.

With regard to helping Ukrainian citizens, the Foundation is involved in a joint project of the Chemosvit Group and Finchem called “Hand of Solidarity”.

Every application has a story

Each story is unique in its own way, and we are grateful for the feedback from recipients of our help. We are always delighted to receive thank you notes from children we have helped to progress their development through contributions to treatment or rehabilitation. Teachers who could improve the teaching process send us kind words, too. 

We receive thank you notes from athletes, sports clubs, civic associations and seniors for making their days more enjoyable thanks to our contribution. However, there are also sad cases when a vote of thanks for our help comes from relatives. Even though the treatment did not work and, unfortunately, the applicants have passed away.

The Chemosvit Foundation would not be able to help without its regular donors and contributors. They deserve a big thank you for their financial donations and support.




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