We Have Teamed up to Help People From Ukraine

Apr 26, 2022 | News

We care about what is happening in Ukraine. None of us can imagine how difficult it is to leave your home and go into the unknown with just one single bag. That is why it is important for us as individuals and communities to team up with the same goal – to show that the good still exists. Here in Svit, too, an initiative has been set up to help people fleeing war.

Companies, civil associations and individuals are involved

In cooperation with Slovak Red Cross and civil associations Rozpuk and Familiaris, we created a project called “Hand of Solidarity” to support material and food donations for people from Ukraine

We have provided space at the company premises to create a humanitarian room where anyone can bring clothes, food or toys. All donations are sorted by volunteers and prepared for handing them over to the people from Ukraine.

Volunteers from the Slovak Red Cross, civil associations Rozpuk and OZ Familiaris as well as our subsidiaries do the work in this room. Scouts from Svit and people in the community are also involved. In addition to humanitarian aid, they also provide basic guidance relating to social services and accommodation.

People from Ukraine can also find here a computer with internet connection, which they can use to connect with their family, get the necessary information or print out documents needed for their stay in Slovakia. 

Help beyond city borders

The “Hand of Solidarity” project also distributes clothes and food to families accommodated in Slovakia, to reception centres and warehouses for long-term assistance to war refugees. Material aid also goes to Ukraine.

Food and humanitarian aid for people from Ukraine who have found refuge in the town of Svit and the neighbouring areas is provided by the “Hand of Solidarity” on weekdays from 11:00 – 15:00 at the premises of the Chemosvit group at Štúrova101. 

We show that we can do more together

Our thanks go to the management and employees of Chemosvit group for the amazing support they have shown without hesitation at the right time. Furthermore, the civil association Rozpuk has been very active in helping with implementation of the project since the beginning.

We also thank the scouts from Svit, the civil association Familiaris, the Slovak Red Cross and all the volunteers who show a great deal of solidarity on a daily basis. A big thank you, of course, goes to all the donors of food, clothes and toys for their constant help.




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