Sock Manufacturing With Respect to Ecology and the Customer Thanks to Prolen Yarn

Jul 26, 2022 | News

For 25 years, our subsidiary Chemosvit Fibrochem has been supplying B2B customers, government employees and our brands with socks. By using our own Prolen yarn and other European materials, socks that respect both nature and the health of the people who wear them leave our production.

Prolen yarn and its unique properties

The main material for sock manufacturing is Prolen, our own polypropylene yarn, also used by global brands in their sportswear. The combination with other types of yarns depends on the customer’s requirements.  

The yarn is made in Slovakia and we do not have to treat it with formaldehyde, which is used when transporting yarns from Asia. This toxic substance can pass into the lymphatic system as well as the bloodstream and cause health problems. 

 It does not react with chemical agents produced by perspiration. Prolen®Siltex is a yarn treated with silver ions used in the production of socks. The permanent additive inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces unpleasant odours and ensures the biological balance of the skin. 

The production of yarn and socks from it does not pollute the environment. No dyeing waste is generated because Prolen is mass-dyed. Only a small quantity of water is used for the production, and lower temperatures are sufficient to care for the products made from it, which means less energy consumption. Prolen yarn is also 100% recyclable

The fact that Prolen yarn does not contain any substances dangerous to human beings and the environment is confirmed by the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification.

Cycling socks made of Prolen yarn

Cycling socks made of Prolen yarn

How Prolen socks are made

Each customer is unique and has their own requirements, but the production process usually follows these five steps:

1. Design

Customers often bring their own ideas, designs or logos. Our job is to turn the ideas into sock designs and advise them on the colour and material selection.

2. Sample

In the next step, we prepare a sample in the desired size to show what the real product will look like. At the same time, there is room for fine-tuning the details to ensure the socks match the customer’s expectations.

3. Order

After sample confirmation, we agree on the required quantity to be produced. The minimum number is 100 pairs in one design and colour combination, of which 50 pairs of socks is the minimum per size.

4. Packaging

We know that the details also matter. If our customer wants a custom label or packaging, we will be happy to help. This gives the products a unified design that makes them easier to remember by the end customer.

5. The manufacturing process

In the last step, our experienced team will begin the production of socks to deliver the products in a reasonable time.

Sport socks made of Prolen yarn

Sport socks made of Prolen yarn

Do you have ideas for custom socks that could be worn by your customers, business partners or employees in your mind? Get in touch, and we will be happy to make them a reality.





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