These Are the Fibers for Active Movement

Sep 24, 2021 | News

Fibrochem, our subsidiary, has been successfully producing quality yarns for sportswear for years. Comfort during sports or other outdoor activities often depends on the clothing. It should also fulfil other functions besides the beautiful appearance and basic protection of the person wearing it. Ensuring thermal comfort or freedom of movement begins with selecting the yarn from which functional clothing is made.


is a modification of PROLEN® polypropylene yarn primarily intended for sportswear and functional wear. Different fibre types offer various properties:


This yarn protects skin against UV light and thus against ageing and serious illnesses. It is modified by a special agent that reduces heat generation on dark fabrics.


It is a profiled yarn, thanks to which – as the name suggests – fabrics have a higher drying speed and more efficient moisture transport. At the same time, they have better covering performance and a softer touch.


Clothes made of Hollow yarn are lighter, which means more freedom of movement and better performance for the end customer during their activities. The fibre is hollow, making it the lightest fibre of all synthetic fibres. Air is also inside the fibres, which improves the thermal insulation properties of the clothes. The heat resistance of this fibre is even higher than that of wool.



This yarn will find its use for the production of clothing for active sports and leisure, as well as underwear and hosiery. The fabrics are light, breathable, warm and pleasant to the touch.


It is a yarn modified with a natural and fully recyclable additive ensuring a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin. This additive is also used in the manufacture of diapers and sanitary products for women.

Fabrics made from this yarn reduce the spread of odours, increase the drying speed, provide excellent thermal insulation properties, and promote the formation of a negative charge that has a positive effect on the body.


Fabrics made from Spunfeel yarn have the look and feel of natural yarns and the performance and functional properties of polypropylene multifilament yarn.They are thermoregulatory, light, ecological, durable and easy-care.

You can find more information regarding PROLEN® yarns on the website of our subsidiary Chemosvit Fibrochem.





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