What Role Does ISCC PLUS Play in Packaging Made From Recycled Plastics?

Jun 8, 2023 | News

What Role Does ISCC PLUS Play in Packaging Made From Recycled Plastics?

At a time when sustainability is more than just a phrase, manufacturers realise how important it is to incorporate recycled materials into their operations. That also applies to the packaging industry. The challenge is to ensure that these practices are truly sustainable and traceable. The ISCC PLUS certification is the answer to this challenge as it offers a strict and globally recognised standard for the use of recycled plastics. 

Currently, most plastics are still made from fossil raw materials, but there is a gradual transition to a circular economy. The statistics confirm it. In the EU, post-consumer recycled plastics were used in new products in 2021, an increase of around 20% compared to 2020.


ISCC stands for International Sustainability and Carbon Certification. It is a certification system that allows for the certification of, among other things, bio-waste and residues, renewable raw materials and fossil materials contributing to the circular economy and the bio-economy.

This certification also applies to the plastics, packaging and chemicals sector, where it includes, for example, packaging films, boxes, jars, etc. ISCC PLUS ensures traceability throughout the supply chain from point of origin to brand, with all operators being ISCC certified. Other principles include, e. g., claims verified by a third party or biodiversity protection.

Druhá šanca pre odpady

Packaging made from recycled plastics

Manufacturers must be ISCC PLUS certified to be able to declare a PCR (post-consumer recycled) rate. The certification confirms an established methodology for tracking the usability of recyclates. 

In the hygiene packaging and other non-food segments, where food contact is not required, resin with PCR contents from 30% to substitutes with 80% is tested. This percentage depends on the product, the complexity of the application, and the design. 

Our subsidiary Chemosvit Folie is also ISCC PLUS certified. It has applications in the hygiene product segment and is working on a project where PCR-containing film serves as secondary packaging for chocolates.

ISCC PLUS plays an important role in packaging made from recycled plastics as it ensures, among other things, transparency in the supply chain and serves as a guarantee of responsible production.




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