Thanks to the release of pandemic measures, we were able to welcome more excursions again in our companies. Directors and specialists shared their work and expertise with them. As a result, the participants from both student and diplomatic backgrounds learned more about fibre production, the preparation of printing cylinders as well as research in the field of additive masterbatches. 

Diplomacy found out more about yarn production

In April, Prešov hosted the “From Regions to the World” event. It aims to increase the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturing companies, scientific and educational institutions in foreign activities, organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the Prešov Self-Governed Region. 

The agenda included a working visit to selected companies, including Chemosvit Fibrochem. The Executive Director of Chemosvit Fibrochem Ing. Alena Balogová, MBA, welcomed and accompanied the delegation.

After a detailed demonstration of the production facilities, the meeting continued in the conference room. As Alena Balogová said: “We had the opportunity to discuss the problems with a skilled workforce, vocational branches in the region, as well as the absence of relevant branches for our manufacturing focus and their implementation in the context of dual education.”

Pupils discovered the packaging and machine production

ECAV Lubina Church Choir visited us in August. Ing. Jaroslav Mervart, CEO of Chemosvit Group, personally welcomed the visitors. Then they had a peek into Chemosvit Folie, where they learned more about film production. They saw, among other things, the pre-press studio, the printing cylinder warehouse, flexo printing, laminating and slitting.

At Chemosvit Strojchem, they found out more about welding, coating, assembly and other interesting processes. They could see real workplaces equipped with modern technology.

October was rich in excursions. First, pupils from Janko Kráľ Primary School in Liptovský Mikuláš visited us and had an excursion to Chemosvit Folie. They also visited the Research Institute for Man-Made Fibres (VÚCHV), where they learned about research in the field of additive and pigment masterbatches and modifiers, different types of fibres and methods of assessing polymer systems.

The second group consisted of 37 pupils from the Evangelical collegiate high school in Prešov. The excursion also took place in Chemosvit Folie and had a similar program as that of pupils from Liptovský Mikuláš. They could see real workplaces equipped with modern technology.

The last group was 44 pupils from the Važecká 11 primary school in Prešov. They also visited the Chemosvit Folie company and had the opportunity to see the production of fibres in the Chemosvit Fibrochem.

We believe that the excursions were beneficial for all participants. We were delighted about their interest, and therefore we will also be happy to welcome young people interested in the production of films, fibres or machines in 2023.