Socks, Covers and Dog Beds as Effective Protection Against Ticks

Jul 11, 2023 | News

We’ve probably all experienced an unpleasant encounter with a tick during a hike, walk or picnic in the meadow. We hear how dangerous this tiny parasite is all the time. That gives rise to uncertainty, and we reach for long pants, repellents and other protective means. But since science has teamed up with textiles, there is protection against ticks that effectively takes care of the safety of both humans and pets. 

Why ticks are dangerous

Changing climatic conditions increase the number of ticks in Europe and parts of North Africa. That also increases the risk of contact with this parasite, which is a threat to health. It transmits many serious and difficult-to-treat diseases, such as encephalitis, Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and babesiosis. 

The map below shows the occurrence of the castor bean tick (Ixodes ricinus), the most common tick in Europe.

Druhá šanca pre odpady

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Protection against ticks thanks to innovative yarn

So that outdoor enthusiasts don’t have to give up their time in the great outdoors, we have developed a special PROLEN® IXO yarn that reduces the retention of Ixodes ricinus on textile fabrics.

The repellent substances are of natural origin and are applied to the core of the yarn. They are slowly released on the surface and are suitable for repeated washing. In addition, the PP additive in the fabric does not require binders or pickling and dyeing baths, which means that the production does not pollute the environment.

We developed the yarn together with the Institute of Parasitology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, the Institute of Biological and Ecological Sciences of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.

Druhá šanca pre odpady

Various products are available, such as blankets, gloves, socks, and dog beds. The dog beds were the latest addition to the product portfolio. The filling of the dog bed is made of antimicrobial PROLEN® Siltex yarn treated with silver and zinc ions. This prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

You can find all the products that will help you protect yourself from ticks  in our online shop.




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