Partnership Between Japan and Slovakia Improves Printing technologies

Mar 24, 2022 | News

Last year, cooperation between Chemosvit Folie and TORAY Inc. was initiated to improve offset EB (electron beam) printing technology. The manufacturer of the COMEXI offset printing machine needed help, so they asked us to carry out tests for TORAY. After the first tests and subsequent discussions, we agree that this project is interesting for both parties.

Why offset printing

Although this technology is not yet as widespread in flexible packaging as flexographic and gravure printing, it has several advantages. It offers greater flexibility and cost savings on material and order processing for smaller orders and special series.

The ecological aspect is also a benefit. EB water-free offset inks are solvent-free, which means virtually zero emissions.

In addition, the offset printing plates are made of aluminium, which, unlike the material in flexographic printing plates, is fully recyclable. As a result, offset printing is much more energy-efficient and has a lower carbon footprint in comparison with other printing technologies.

How does cooperation work?

The project aims to fine-tune the waterless offset printing technology in which TORAY specializes. Offset plates for waterless printing are specific and need a special development machine. It is borrowed and used in the production of plates during the tests.

In addition to the plates, the company also supplies us with special inks. Their formulation is adjusted by specialists directly from the headquarters in Tokyo, who are also present at our tests in Svit. The results of printing tests are continuously analyzed and consulted.

Technicians from Japan communicate intensively with our technicians and operators. They give them important information about what properties they should adjust to ensure the best possible results. Thanks to the commitment of our colleagues, the organization of the tests is very good, and the Japanese party greatly appreciates this cooperation.

We will not only continue to test and tune the technology, but we are also preparing for a joint marketing presentation on the benefits of offset EB printing, which meets the highest requirements for environmentally friendly technology.

We believe that after fine-tuning all parameters, this alternative can be beneficial for the future development of EB offset printing at Chemosvit Folie.




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