New Recycled Yarn Will Increase Sustainability of Textiles

May 24, 2022 | News

​​In 2018, around 2.2 million tonnes of textile waste was generated in the EU. About 50% is recycled, of which only 1% is used to make new clothes. The new Prolen® Recycle yarn from our subsidiary will contribute to this.

Pre-consumer and post-consumer waste recovery

Prolen® Recycle is a polypropylene yarn that is made from recycled polypropylene waste originating from two primary sources:

  1. post consumer waste – it includes, for example, clothing, vehicle upholstery, home furnishings
  2. pre-consumer waste – it is generated as a by-product of the production of yarns, fabrics and fibres, but also includes textile waste from other industries

Products made from this yarn can be recycled again with the aim of creating a closed-loop process and thus contribute to the circular economy. The yarn development has taken a year, but the process is ongoing, and our colleagues are developing new products for different applications.

Production process contributes to sustainability

The production process is similar to other polypropylene yarns from Chemosvit Fibrochem’s portfolio. No pesticides or toxic dyes are used, and the yarn is mass-dyed, so waste water does not pollute the environment. Only small quantities of water are consumed in production. The process only requires lower temperatures, making it possible to cut energy consumption by up to 45%.

The difference lies in the raw material, which is recycled polypropylene. Post-consumer or pre-consumer waste is used to produce polypropylene pulp, the raw material for yarn production.


Textile recycling and its benefits

The production of yarns from recycled textiles has several benefits in terms of sustainability and environmental protection:  

  • Reduces space requirements in landfills. Synthetic fibre products do not decompose and natural fibres can release greenhouse gases.
  • Helps reduce energy and water consumption in yarn production
  • Avoids environmental pollution
  • Reduces demand for dyes
  • Helps to reduce combustion energy and thus fossil fuel consumption

We are pleased that the development of this yarn supports the principles of the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – and in doing so we are taking a step towards a greener future.




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