Energy Savings in Chemosvit Take the Form of Investments in Green Technologies

Sep 8, 2022 | News

The extreme rise in energy prices is a challenge that requires not only careful monitoring of market developments, but also the adoption of adequate measures. That is why the Board of Directors, in cooperation with the subsidiaries, is intensively addressing this issue, where consumption monitoring in the internal D2000 information system plays a key role. We are taking steps that will not only help to reduce energy consumption, but also contribute to environmental protection.

Photovoltaic cells

We are currently implementing two approved projects aimed at the self-generation of electricity from the photovoltaic energy source in our subsidiaries. Both projects have a volume of approximately 100 kWp and will enable us to reduce electricity consumption. At the same time, they have sustainability benefits as the energy comes from a renewable source.

One solution is designed for the needs of Chemosvit Folie and the other for Fibrochem. Both photovoltaic cells will be placed on the roof structure of the selected buildings. At the same time, other suitable buildings on the site are being selected for possible installation in the coming year.

LED lighting

Operation of many of our production areas is continuous. Therefore, we have chosen these areas for the installation of energy-saving LED light sources, which allow up to 40% energy savings on lighting and around 20% energy savings when using intelligent electronics for lighting control.

Some subsidiaries have already replaced lighting in up to 60% of possible cases. Other companies are carrying out the work on an ongoing basis, depending on the selected contractors, the size of the resources and the calculated return on investment.

Air-conditioning equipment

Air exchange is technologically and hygienically mandated up to 6 times per hour in the production areas. The air-conditioning equipment modernisation in 2021 and 2022 allows us to manage its operation more efficiently as well as remotely and save electricity in its standard operation. That amounts to more than 10%. It has also enabled us to connect the devices to a central data collection in the D2000 system.

More appropriate algorithms and equipment settings enable us to save up to approximately 10% of thermal energy with the same air exchange. At the same time, we replace propulsion engines with models with more advanced EC control on selected plants. It results not only in higher efficiency but also significant savings in electricity consumption to drive the equipment. 

The modernisation of air-conditioning equipment has already taken place in several departments in Chemosvit Folie. We also prepare projects in other subsidiaries, which will also involve the replacement of heat exchangers for heat recovery and exchange.

Compressed air distribution

The Chemosvit group has extensive capacity for compressed air generation and distribution. Energy savings are achieved by auditing existing facilities with the help of external organisations and implementing recommended measures. At the same time, we evaluate the losses and efficiency of the production of this medium with in-house measurement technology.

The most significant change took place in Strojchem, where the compressor station equipment, consisting of two compressors and an air handler, was completely replaced at the end of the summer of 2022. Savings amounted to tens of per cent, and the use of waste heat for secondary heating, which was already standard today, was made more efficient. 

These projects will help us mitigate the impact of rising electricity costs while making investments in line with the environmental pillars of sustainability that are part of our company.




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