Donated Textiles Help Fight the Pandemic in Hospitals and Social Care Homes

Dec 9, 2021 | News

At the moment, the presence of charity is needed more than ever. And that is also how we perceive it. Therefore, in cooperation with our subsidiary Chemosvit Fibrochem and the Chemosvit Foundation, we try to help hospitals and social care homes not only in our region but throughout Slovakia. Assistance in the form of our products also went abroad.

Since its establishment in 2003, the Chemosvit Foundation has worked closely and intensively with Chemosvit companies. Together with the subsidiary Chemosvit Fibrochem, it currently supports more than 17 social care centres and homes in the region of Svit and Poprad.

They also help hospitals in almost every part of Slovakia. The most famous are the Poprad Hospital, the Košice–Šaca Hospital, the Central Military Hospital Ružomberok, the National Institute of Tuberculosis, Lung Diseases and Thoracic Surgery in Vyšné Hágy and our own medical centre.

We help protect healthcare professionals and patients

Chemosvit Fibrochem also produces medical clothing and textiles from a special yarn treated with antimicrobial additives based on silver and zinc ions. That ensures the protection against bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus

The company delivered large quantities of these products to hospitals and social care homes to support them in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. The main goal was to help protect not only medical staff, but also patients and clients. At the same time, it wanted to improve working conditions in these facilities because there is a relatively high percentage of people at risk and, therefore, there are suitable conditions for the spread of the virus.

All first-year students of the Faculty of Healthcare at the University of Prešov wear medical clothing from Chemosvit Fibrochem.

Surgical gowns as part of the aid for Taiwan

In the autumn, Slovakia donated the AstraZeneca vaccines to Taiwan as part of humanitarian aid. Surgical gowns from our subsidiary were also part of the shipment sent to the country.

A skyscraper was lit with the Slovak flag in the capital Taipei to show the country’s gratitude to Slovakia and Chemosvit Fibrochem.

We will continue to help because there are still people around us who need it.




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