Digitalization in Chemosvit Folie Has Completed Another Stage

Nov 19, 2021 | News

As we wrote in March, our subsidiary Chemosvit Folie is undergoing a digital transformation this year. The result of the next phase is a new information technology system based on the application of the D2000 and BI Qlik Sense environment.

The project collects and retains data (e.g. energy consumption) from production equipment, which gives us an overview of up-to-date data as well as future developments. Its advantages include unified access to measured points, visualization of premises, the possibility of using the application in each company of the group or connection to ERP.

What steps have already been taken?

The implementation of the system is gradual. It started with the introduction of an audited material flow, which consists of automated data collection from production equipment (immediate equipment activity, produced and measured length, production speed, etc.).

The system thus accurately records the time worked, the material used or production. The benefit is also the interruptions of work recorded together with their explanation. We can identify and record employees in the production process through the online connection with the Orion ERP system.

Technological parameters of production are recorded during the execution of the order and archived for a long time. Archived data can be identified up to individual rolls. This streamlines technological control as well as productivity and production quality management.

The digitalization project implemented a central record of the nomenclature of measured points. Individual departments prepare descriptions and attributes of those points based on communication between maintenance and repair staff, supplier documentation, and service support from Chemosvit Strojchem.

Subsequently, the required parameters are added to the D2000 and the employees, in cooperation with a particular department, implement its requirements for the accuracy and retention time of production and technical parameters.

What are the benefits of digitalization?

In terms of system integration, the advantage is the already implemented possibility of an online connection to electricity meters, so we can accurately record energy consumption for a particular machine and production order. It is already possible to create consumption prediction models for certain machines.

The D2000 platform compatibility, together with the IT staff expertise, enables the connection of a unified database of parameters with other systems in the company and the development of unique applications with high added value.

An example is the application of monitoring and management of work performance used by selected departments of the group. The application monitors the work performed daily and evaluates the efficiency of work in real-time based on the obtained data. A clear overview of work efficiency motivates employees, shows areas for optimization, and allows managers to make more informed decisions.

What projects are waiting for implementation?

The digitalization process is not over yet. The planned projects also include the innovation of the graphical representation of the company premises, which, depending on the access rights granted, will display, for example, individual buildings or energy meters. Various processing options will be available, including exporting to the required format.

Another planned project is a pilot project applying the principles of IoT and Smart Building to office building management. That will enable better monitoring and optimizing of the costs associated with energy consumption and provide employees with a high level of comfort throughout the year at the same time.

The digitalization project brought together experts from the subsidiaries Chemosvit, Finchem and the external company IPESOFT. The system they created has become an important part of the IT infrastructure and, together with other systems, makes it possible to optimize production, make better decisions and use resources more efficiently.




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