Workshop “All about ESG with the Chemosvit group”

Dec 14, 2023 | News

What is ESG (Enironmental-Social-Governance = sustainability)? What impact will ESG have on the company’s operations? How to take the first step towards ESG? These questions were answered by the participants of the workshop “Everything about ESG with the Chemosvit group”, which took place on Thursday 07.12.2023 under the auspices of the vice-chairman of the board of directors Ing. Martin Ľach and the director of CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, s.r.o. Ing. Martin Ľupták, PhD. in the Spolcentrum hotel in Svit. The organizers were pleased with the great interest and abundant participation of customers, business partners and colleagues from CHEMOSVIT group companies. 

The workshop was aimed at explaining trends and legislation related to sustainability, opening a discussion on issues related to sustainable business and getting to know each other about the ESG requirements of business partners in the supply chain.

The workshop included five presentations:

– the presentation of the topic of ESG, the legislative framework, requirements and obligations in the field of sustainable business was presented by Jan Kurka from the company SUSTO – Sustainability Tools,

– the sophisticated energy consumption management system in the CHEMOSVIT group was presented by Martin Pitoňák, technological development specialist from CHEMOSVIT, a.s.,

– participants were led by Ladislav Nemeth, director of Research and development department from CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, s.r.o., through an overview of new, sustainable material structures and a detailed presentation of plastic recycling methods – mechanical and chemical.

 – the path of sustainability followed by the world’s leading manufacturer of lines for the production of oriented polypropylene films and their view on the future of plastics was explained by Peter Kmeť, director of Brueckner Slovakia, s.r.o.,

 – Michal Sebíň, director of NATUR-PACK, a.s., presented the topic of sorted collection, the task of producer responsibility organization, and the formation of new legislation in the field of packaging waste management.

Following the last two presentations, at the end of the workshop, a professional and valuable discussion took place about the future of separation and recycling of plastic packaging.

In the CHEMOSVIT group, we still have a lot of work to do in the field of ESG, but we take this topic seriously and responsibly. We believe that communication with business partners on this topic can be mutually beneficial and can strengthen good business relations with customers, suppliers, and other interested parties.

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