Toilet Paper Meets the “Green” Criteria

Feb 19, 2021 | News

At Chemosvit, we care about accepting the demands and requirements of companies for the production of recyclable packaging. We think it is essential to focus on sustainable packaging and contribute to the separation and sorting of waste, thus reducing waste production.

One of the sustainable solutions is our new packaging for group packaging of toilet paper. Four out of the five rules of sustainability are respected and applied during its production.


As a production material, we chose a pure PE structure, which made the packaging fully recyclable. At the same time, when using PCR (post-consumer recycled) and PIR (post-industrial recycled) material, we save resources and pursue the way of waste reduction. We also downgauged the packaging by 5–10 microns and thereby reduced material consumption.


After the use of the contents of the packaging, it can serve as a plastic garbage bag. “With the environmentally responsible behaviour of final customers, the bags together with other plastic waste will get to the recycling line, and we can again use PCR regranulate in the production of packaging for hygiene products,” explained Eva Sámelová, “and perhaps for such packaging meeting not only the primary function of protecting the product, but also the secondary function of the plastic garbage bag.”


The group packaging of toilet paper was created as a result of development in August 2019, when we decided to buy additional modules for machines for this type of bags. “The setup was not without problems and complicated setup and fine-tuning of the technology, but at the end of last year we managed to set up the machine, new graphics were created for our presentation, and we tested the new range at SHP Harmanec. During the packaging tests for our customer, there were packages with our motif for the presentation of our company and new options that we offer, as well as others with customer motifs on classic packaging and also on the packaging with 33% PCR content,” said Eva Sámelová.





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