The New Film Will Contribute to a Greener Future

Jun 27, 2021 | News

Imagine what it would be like if plastic waste didn’t heap in the woods. If the plastics didn’t end up in the oceans. If we didn’t have to address the problem of microplastics. Together with Panara and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, we are trying to transform this vision into reality.

We have developed a flexible packaging film that is able to achieve mechanical, physical and technical properties comparable to conventional plastics. This film is made of polymers from renewable resources. It is a biological material that meets the strictest ecological criteria.

The material is biodegradable not only in industrial composting conditions but also in domestic composting and the soil. Decomposition does not produce microplastics or toxic products that would contribute to global warming. This is a significant benefit in terms of environmental protection. The material is biocompatible, which creates potential for medical applications.

Its key benefits include the possibility of flexographic printing, high flexibility and shape stability at elevated temperatures. Nor does it contain any synthetic polymers made from oil.

At the beginning of the cycle of this material are renewable resources from which resin is made. Resin is used for the production of packaging. The packaging is composted at the end of its life, which brings it back into nature. But without burdening it.

The film will find its application in the production of waste bags and packaging of fresh vegetables or garments. It will also be possible to use it in technical applications and field coverings in agriculture.

We believe that with this step, we can together and in small steps increase the share of bioplastics and reduce the negative impacts on our planet at the same time. And we believe that our vision will be a reality one day.




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