The New Coating Plant Will Support the Complexity of Engineering Products

Jan 4, 2022 | News

Since the vision of our subsidiary Chemosvit Strojchem is to be a supplier of complex solutions, it has recently implemented several investment projects. One of them is the construction of a new coating booth, which should be put into operation in May this year.

Customer requirements as a determining factor

There are several reasons why the company decided for this project:

  1. Complexity

Customers increasingly require complex delivery, which means production with coating. The coating process, which is the final surface treatment of the manufactured parts, is therefore a prerequisite for contract success.

  1. Large dimensions

In recent years, the company has begun to develop large steel structures production, as it records an increased demand for larger workpieces. However, the current coating plant does not allow painting of this type of product due to its size and weight.

As a result of the new coating plant, the company can cover this demand. However, the construction of the paint shop is also related to another investment project – the purchase of a new CNC machine, which will expand the machining possibilities from the current 4,000 mm to 10,000 mm.

  1. Quality

At the same time, we observe a constant increase in the customer quality requirements for painting. Thanks to the technological equipment of the new coating plant, we can better meet them.

Equipment for a higher level of the process

The new coating plant will be equipped with a crane with a lifting capacity of 10 t and a paint-spraying booth with an integrated drying function. The internal dimensions of the booth are 5,700 mm x 10,000 mm and 6,650 mm, which will thus represent a complex workplace for the application of wet paints.

The booth will be equipped with an exhaust system, lighting and two-stage air filtration. It will include both a dynamic heating system and a drying area. It will also entail the TCPU system, which will set and control parameters to minimize operating costs. These are mainly related to energy consumption.

Implementation of this project is a relatively complex process. The interest of our colleagues at Strojchem is to start operating the coating plant within the planned timeframe so that they can supply customers with complex solutions in a more efficient and high-quality painting process.




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