Sustainability Is Present at Every Stage of Production

Feb 5, 2021 | News

Environmental protection is part of our philosophy. Because when we protect nature, we protect our future. Our subsidiary Chemosvit Folie is also aware of this fact. It is constantly striving to improve the production of packaging, while keeping in mind that each step of the production process should be associated with sustainability:

  1. Raw material

We only cooperate with film and resin suppliers, for which sustainability is a priority. We are regularly looking for new sustainable solutions on the market. When processing raw materials, we strive to reduce the amount of waste generated during this process.


  1. Printing

In cooperation with ink suppliers, we strive to reduce the amount of material used during flexo printing and rotogravure printing. We invest in new rotogravure printing machines that enable the use of water-based inks. We do not use solvents or photoinitiators for offset printing. We use unlimitedly recyclable iron plates.


  1. Laminating

We eliminate PET from the packaging structure and replace composites by polyolefin structures. We reduce the number of layers in composite packaging and laminates.


  1. Product

We strive to increase the shelf life of products by using recyclable high-barrier films. PIR and PCR save fossil resources as they are recycled materials. We use PCR regranulate for the production of secondary packaging where food contact is not required (films for pallets or multipacks).


  1. Product delivery

We store finished products in plastic transport boxes, which allow us to save industrial packaging material. The products are transported by Chemosvit Chedos, which uses hydrogen-powered trucks. There is also a hydrogen refuelling point at the company’s premises.


  1. End customer

The packaging itself prolongs the shelf life of the products and thus the period of their sale, which helps reduce food waste. At the same time, the products can be transported over longer distances. Once the packaging has served its purpose, the consumer can recycle it.


  1. Waste management

Some types of our packaging are biodegradable. We have high-tech lines directly at the Chemosvit premises, on which we mechanically recycle plastic waste. We are also working on a project that focuses on colour removal from films.


  1. Secondary product

We strive to give waste a second chance. That is why we produce technical products using our own recyclates, such as PP boards, shafts, tanks and small plastic products.




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