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Dec 9, 2020 | News

An integral part of the Chemosvit Group is also Chemosvit Strojchem, s.r.o. The subsidiary is led by Ing. Marián Kuruc.

Over the next few years, the goal is to transform Fibrochem into a supplier of complex products and services with added value. All resources – personnel, technical and financial – will adapt to this. The present state of the functional organizational scheme had to be revised so that it would have the desired effect.

As of December 1, 2020, we abolished the Chempack and Service divisions, and reassigned some of its executive staff to the production and technical department. At Strojchem, purchasers, logistics and warehouses have been assigned to the economic department, and sales representatives have been concentrated into the sales department. The aim is to streamline the production of packaging machines, offer quality servicing and certified operations as well as centrally manage purchasing activities and sales.

It is also worth mentioning the submitted application for non-repayable financial aid for a 10-meter CNC machining centre with a smart superstructure, which would support the production of oversized machine parts. Strojchem’s intention is also to insulate the central building, and the construction of a new coating plant is also being prepared for the construction permit. For 2021, several projects related to the digitization of the company are under preparation.

In the last days, Strojchem has been enjoying the success of the calibration laboratory personnel, who have obtained accreditation from the Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS). Specifically, it is an accreditation for the verification of recording equipment (tachographs) in road transport.  

A tachograph is a gauge (in the case of digital tachographs a computer) that shows and records all actions of the driver in a lorry or bus, so that his activity (especially speed and mandatory breaks) on the road is evident, and thus ensured the safety of other road users. In order for this device to measure and record data correctly, it is necessary to verify it regularly every two years. Twenty-six business entities throughout Slovakia were established and authorized for this activity through the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing, including the metrology centre in Chemosvit Strojchem.

Accreditation, which is valid for five years, will enable further development of metrological activities at Chemosvit Strojchem, s.r.o., as well as further visibility of the Chemosvit brand. A big “thank you” goes to Martin Staš, head of the department of certified operations and the responsible representative of the metrology centre, Ing. Tomáš Bittner, quality and ISR manager, and two validators, Vladimír Danišovský and Ján Stas, for the successful accreditation. These gentlemen have confirmed that they can meet the high demands placed on the professional activities they carry out.




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The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Prešov, Section: Sa, File No. 136/P

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