Chemosvit Is Not a Chemical Plant

Oct 2, 2020 | News

During many excursions and visits, we often get to talk about how the name Chemosvit is related to chemical production. Many visitors think that chemical processes are a part of our daily operation. But the reverse is true.

From the ecological point of view, the Chemosvit Group is not a chemical production. The only exception is the physico-chemical processes that are indispensable in the production of packaging. However, this is a maximum of 1–3 % of processes.

Why do we still have “chemistry” in our name?

Chemosvit is the name with the long tradition that is known to our business partners, investors, customers and the public as well. However, the management of Chemosvit is aware of the fact that “chemistry” in the name might not give the right impression of what the company does. Chemosvit is considered to be one of the companies from the chemical industry. 

Chemosvit is a brand we are proud of, but it is questionable if today, in times of the Green Deal and greening of production, is it the right name. Another question is: what name should it be instead of Chemosvit?

Today, Chemosvit is a socially responsible enterprise, reliable partner, and modern company which is interested in new trends. It invests money in development and enters into partnerships with universities as well as research institutes.

Subsidiaries of the Chemosvit Group are customer-centric and have supported the development of new products and technologies since the beginning of their existence. Our priority is to provide packaging solutions that are functional and eco-friendly at the same time.





Štúrova 101
059 21 Svit
Slovak Republic

tel: +421 52 715 1111-2
fax: +421 52 715 2740


The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Prešov, Section: Sa, File No. 136/P

Company registration number:
31 671 047
Tax identification number: 2020516861
VAT identification number: SK7020000273

GPS coordinates:
N49.056930°, E20.196140° (cars)
N49.058426°, E20.184921° (trucks)