Chemosvit Has Started Using a New Recyclable Film

Dec 1, 2020 | News

Many foods on the market are currently packaged in composite packaging, which contains polyesters with polypropylenes, polyamides, polyethylenes and aluminium film. Such packaging serves its function – protects and prolongs the shelf life of foods, but becomes waste after fulfilling these functions

Composite packaging is usually used for the packaging of coffee, cheese, meat products and other foods. However, we are trying to change it together with producers.

We are looking for monostructured materials  – materials consisting of only one group of plastics or only one type of plastics, and at the same time meet all the requirements that packaged food requires.

At Chemosvit, we have worked with several customers to achieve a successful implementation of the initial design. The first success in this area was the nut packaging.

Last year, we managed to replace the composite packaging with packaging based on polyolefins, for which we received the “Obal roku 2019” (Packaging of the Year) award. We excluded polyester from the structure, and the packaging contained only polypropylene and polyethylene.

We continue the development of packaging solutions for nuts and are currently testing a structure based only on polypropylene. Tests carried out on automatic packaging machines were successful. Not only the shelf life of the products has been maintained, but also the barrier properties of the packaging, which are very important for nuts.

The last step is the warranty production, which is the long-term operation of packaging machines with a new type of packaging. We believe that the nuts in a new packaging will soon be on store shelves and that the pouch after emptying will not be waste but also a raw material for the production of useful everyday items.




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