Chemosvit Has Coped With the First Wave of Corona Crisis Without Consequences. How will we cope with the second?

Oct 20, 2020 | News

The global Corona pandemic gave rise to fear in many people and, unfortunately, the situation was no different at Chemosvit. We concerned for the health of our employees and partners. At the same time, we were trying to fulfil the plans and agreements with our customers just like we did before the Corona crisis.

The management was under pressure because it was aware that if even one of the employees had gotten ill, it would have been a disaster for Chemosvit. It was a difficult time that required reconciling strategic thinking and management with epidemiological measures adopted by the government.

The whole Chemosvit Group has ensured (and still ensures) that automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are placed in strategic places. Our employees were instructed to thoroughly disinfect their hands every time they enter/leave the workplace and avoid touching their face with hands. They were also instructed to stay home when they feel ill to keep others safe.  

Thanks to the discipline of our staff, we were able to handle the first wave of the pandemic. The company stayed in full operation, achieved its goals, maintained relations with the customers and most importantly – nobody had to be dismissed.

Now, Chemosvit faces another challenge – the second wave of the pandemic. It seems to be more dangerous than the first one, and nobody knows what to expect.

All we can do is to observe the strict hygienic measures, be extremely careful, and protect our health to keep our families safe.




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