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Ethics line

  • Chemosvit a.s. undertakes to run its business in a transparent way and consider its reputation as the most valuable business asset. Ethical and legal conduct at all levels of business, complying with law, is essential for the continued success of the company.

    The Ethics Line of Chemosvit company is a convenient and reliable way for employees to seek assistance and report potential violations in the fields of ethics and compliance.

    There will be no action taken against anyone who in good faith reports an ethics or compliance concern.

    These actions are considered as unethical:
    • fraudulent, wrong and incorrect book keeping, behaviour leading to mispresentation and influencing of audit
    • breach of legal rules and internal regulations
    • breach of rules of economic competition
    • conducting negotiations when facing the conflict of interests
    • behaviour supporting corruption or corruption behaviour
    • embezzlement or theft of financial and movable assets
    • incorrect behaviour in the field of labour safety, fire protection and environmental protection
    • falsification of contracts
    • misuse of information in business
    • passive acceptance of working conditions which contradict the rules of ethical principles (for instance breach of human rights),
    • squaring personal accounts with employees or commercial partners
    • supplying unethical and false information (at a workplace, through ethics line) to harm other persons or companies
    • unethical communication regarding company reputation on social networks

    If you encounter unethical behaviour, you can report it anonymously. But if you disclose your personal identification, you will considerably speed up the process and you will be allowed to follow the development of the reported issue.

  • Please state a detailed information considering the alleged violation of ethical codex:

    If you have any documents that might be considered as proof of unethical behaviour, you can use the attachment option below: (choose a file)

    For the purpose of effective processing of your information, we prefer that you identify yourself (these information are voluntary)

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