Dear business partners,

In the process of creating a strategy, many companies tend to focus on short-term strategy. The reason for this is the multitude of changes on international markets, which makes long-term planning difficult. In these days the changes happen more frequently and rapidly than ever. This shows the need to react promptly and adapt to the actual business environment. I assure you, that all the measures that are adopted in CHEMOSVIT Group are aimed at preparing our people, improving the process and also the quality of our products. We emphasize the education of our employees so they can come up with new innovative ideas. Even in these turbulent times it is important to maintain and develop the values that contribute to our corporate culture. I consider the building of long-term relationships with our business partners to be a very important part of doing business successfully. Mutual cooperation and communication enables us to know the market requirements better and provide optimal solutions. This cooperation also helps to accelerate the introduction of new products. We also try to respond to new challenges by actively cooperating with firms and universities. We are convinced that especially in these days it is necessary to intesify this mutual cooperation which is the source of our competitive advantage. This goal is also supported by new investments installed in our group CHEMOSVIT.

Dear business partners, allow me to express my belief, that our mutual effort will contribute to the development of our cooperation and fulfills our strategic goals and business values.


Ing. Jaroslav Mervart

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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