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Converting of flexible films

logo folieProduction, converting and sales of flexible film is the main business line of:

  • CHEMOSVIT FOLIE (Slovakia)
  • CHEMOSVIT BOHEMIA (Czech republic)

Converting of on-site manufactured coextruded polyethylene, polypropylene and barrier films, as well as of purchased BOPP, BOPET, OPA, aluminium films, cellophane or paper includes:

  • rotogravure printing using up to 11 colours
  • flexoprinting using up to 10 colours
  • metallisation (vacuum aluminium deposition)
  • lamination
  • winding and slitting
  • sealing and adhesive binding (production of pouches and carrier bags).

The companies have their own graphic studio and facilities for the production of printing forms for rotogravure and flexoprinting technologies.

Certified production and products are a guarantee of top quality food packaging applications, as well as hygiene and toilet products, tobacco products, horticulture and consumer goods.

Official web site: www.chemosvitfolie.sk